Here are some troubleshooting steps to follow in case you are experiencing issues with running The Fruits of Grisaia ~Unrated Version~ game:


If you are experiencing the problem of the game not unzipping properly, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure you followed the Installation Instructions for the game.
  • Verify the file integrity by following these steps:

    1. Download the File Checksum Integrity Verifier.
    2. Install the downloaded file in the same folder you downloaded the Grisaia files to.
    3. Click on the 'Start' button, select 'Run', type 'cmd' and hit the Enter key to open the Command Prompt.
    4. Navigate to where the downloaded file is located.
        (NOTE: If the files are located on a different drive, type the drive letter followed by a colon (:). For example, if you wanted to switch from drive C to drive D, you would type D: and then hit the Enter key to access that drive.)
    5. Type in fciv.exe -md5 "filename" and it should generate a hash that matches the ones below:
        DEF84709A905F85345CD242D00F2D5AA part1
        15F77E9D1C373373189A1857E17EDD64 part2
        E9C8704FDA9196863B7F163444691B89 part3
        4BC4188712B8A84BE57BCC801991CA0E part4
        4F22331ACC3EA33EDBAAE956B7FB6251 part5
        6C0653ADF0E1271496DC74479CAC093B part6
        75F10C452EB0DB6AE84E6031AD0853DD part7

  • If the hash does not match up, it means that the parts were not downloaded correctly, and you would need to re-download the parts once more.
  • In some cases, the file and folder permissions may prevent extraction. Check that you can extract to the target folder; make sure you have the permissions to do so.